Sunday, December 24, 2006

At a risk of being boiled with my own pudding and having a sprig of Holly skewered through my heart, I am going to say:

Merry Christmas

Or Merry Saturnalia to all you Jehovah's Witnesses and any like-minded extreme KJV-Fundamentalists who want to enjoy having a family holiday but do not want to get tangled in any pagan stuff.

By the way, a lot of people get slippers as a Christmas present. They are one of those things that makes a great present (provided you know the recipient's shoe-size). If you do, please take it as a sign that you really ought to make your home a shoe-free zone. It will certainly make for a more relaxed atmosphere during the holiday season.

Have a clean and godly Christmas this year.


Antonio said...

Hey Matthew,

Did Darby really say that the AFs were a 'bin of trash'? Please give the whole context and resource for that quote.

Have you ever heard of A.F. Torrance's book called "The Doctrine of Grace in the Apostolic Fathers"?


Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Professor Da Rosa, Darby wrote in a letter in 1880:

"I have read some of Hooker too; but [he was] one whose mind rested in human order, and not on scripture, but a reverand godly man; but while s standard work with the clergy it is really intrinsically not worth reading. They say he died meditating on the hierarchichal order of the angels. As to the Fathers, I have read some, consulted almost all of them, and some a good deal. But when, many years ago, I set about to read them, I found them such a body of trash that I gave it up as a study: for history they are of course useful, and I have examined them largely. Did Mr- every read Hermas? If that is not enough to destroy all confidence in the early church, I do not know what ever would. Did he ever read Cyprian or Chrysotum on the state of the church in their days?"

Letters of J.N. Darby, volume 3, page 71

Anonymous said...

Wow, Matthew, I had no idea a guy like Darby ever said anything like that. How refreshing and affirming. Sounds like he was a man of well balanced thinking. Hope you are headed out of the holiday season in good humor.

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

Thanks, Todd.
I am glad you think so. I personally agree with Darby's description.

God Bless